Dragons, Zombies & Aliens

Big Gay Books

June 07, 2020 Christina "DZA" Marie
Dragons, Zombies & Aliens
Big Gay Books
Dragons, Zombies & Aliens
Big Gay Books
Jun 07, 2020
Christina "DZA" Marie
Show Notes

A list of my top 10 sci-fi and fantasy books that feature LGBTQ+ characters. List your personal favorites in the comments!

Spoiler-free book reviews:
Nemesis Series - http://www.dzamarie.com/blog/nemesis-series-by-april-daniels-book-review
Trials of Apollo - http://www.dzamarie.com/blog/trials-of-apollo-the-dark-prophecy-book-review
Magnus Chase - http://www.dzamarie.com/blog/magnus-chase-hammer-of-thor-book-review
The Bird King - http://www.dzamarie.com/blog/the-bird-king-book-review
Dread Nation - http://www.dzamarie.com/blog/dread-nation-book-review
The City in the Middle of the Night - http://www.dzamarie.com/blog/the-city-in-the-middle-of-the-night-book-review
Mermaids of Eriana Kwai - http://www.dzamarie.com/blog/mermaids-of-eriana-kwai-trilogy-book-review
Kingston Cycle - http://www.dzamarie.com/blog/book-review-witchmark
Godshaper - http://www.dzamarie.com/blog/godshaper-by-simon-spurrier-graphic-novel-review
The Wolf in the Whale - http://www.dzamarie.com/blog/book-review-the-wolf-in-the-whale
Black Leopard Red Wolf - http://www.dzamarie.com/blog/book-review-black-leopard-red-wolf

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